Outdoor Science School


Outdoor Science School Programs

Our standard 5-day outdoor science school program runs like a typical school week, Monday through Friday. We also  offer a 4-day alternative learning program. During this week, the  children learn about botany, geology,  astronomy, meteorology and the  water cycle, ecology, habitats and  adaptations, energy and conservation  in an outdoor school setting. Each  science activities unit is based on  the State Board of Education Science  Framework.


School Credit

The kids receive school credit for participating in this exciting   outdoor science camp program. Their normal classroom teachers accompany   the students on this science camp for kids trip which creates some   wonderful bonding opportunities. Our outdoor science school cabin  leaders meet the students as soon as  they arrive and the week is off  and running to a great start. The boys  sleep in cabins in their own  area and the girls in theirs, but they all  come together to form  science camp trail groups.


First Night at Science Camp

On  the first night of science camp; all the students are entertained by   the staff as they perform skits where they dress up in crazy costumes   and act silly as different characters. This breaks the ice and sets the   tone for the week and is also a preview of what the students will be   asked to do on Thursday night where their cabin group will get up on  the  stage with a skit that they create on their own and entertain the   entire camp. Students will also enjoy a dance activity on the 5 day   program whereas students on a 4 day program will see skits and go on an   astronomy hike.

Mealtime is when  all trail groups come together as a school. We serve  three square meals  a day in an all-you-can-eat buffet style. Only the  purest and best  food is served to your children at our outdoor school.   We also offer  vegetarian options and specially prepared meals designed  to accommodate  food allergies. Our programs are offered at two different sites – our  home site at Three Oaks Camp and at Pinecrest Conference Center.   For additional  information about the second location for our outdoor  science school  program, Pinecrest Conference Center, visit their  website at www.pinecrest-ccc.com & ArrowheadRanchNow.com