Fire Evacuation Plan

In the event of an ordered evacuation, the school district of the  visiting school would be notified immediately. The visiting school  district would send buses up the mountain to our outdoor science school  to retrieve their students. We will board all students safely on the  bus and I will escort them down the mountain to ensure that all goes  well. If there is time, the visiting school children will be able to  pack their items and load the luggage on the bus. If for some reason, the buses belonging to the school can’t come up,  we will use our local  school district buses. The transportation department from Rim Unified  will coordinate with the visiting school  transportation department. The  SAFEST meeting spot is located on the  corner of Waterman and 40th  Street at the bottom of the mountain in San  Bernardino. The Rim  District buses would unload in the parking lot right  next to the Shell  Gas station which is on the corner of 40th/Waterman.  There is a huge  open parking lot.